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U.S DHS working to trace private transactions

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Wrote by: amudotcom, 1 week ago
● The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has requested permission to trace private cryptocurrency transactions.
● Private cryptocurrencies include examples such as ZCash and Monero which are known for private non-traceable transactions.
● DHS has applied for a Blockchain forensic analytics which can be used to trace private transactions.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 14 hours ago
● Tron has launched a TRX Market.
● TRX Market is the world's first decentralized exchange based on the Tron network.
● It has already listed three trading pairs - BET/TRX, FUN/TRX, and GOC/TRX.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 14 hours ago
● Waves Blockchain is now adding smart assets and smart account trading.
● Waves is supporting 6,000 transactions per minute which is 100 per second.
● The Cryptocurrency entered the top 20 coins by market capitalization but has since fallen to 22nd position.
● The market capitalisation is $245 million, which is the highest since July 2018.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 14 hours ago
● Venezuelan pensioners are reportedly in an issue of getting their Bolivar's from their accounts to the Cryptocurrency, the Petro.
● The Petro, however, is reported to be unspendable at banks.
● There is a complex process of converting the Petro to Bolivar which is difficult for pensioners.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 14 hours ago
● DDEX has decided to fork the 0x protocol and remove ZRX to create Hydro.
● The plan is to ship a new order, true matching, and robust market orders model.
● The ZRX token will be removed too.
Saturday, 15th Dec
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● The co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, Thomas Lee has spoken highly about Bitcoin's undervalued price.
● He stated that Bitcoin's actual price is $13,800 and $14,800.
● He based the price through the number of active wallet addresses, usage per account and other factors.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Ripple has partnered with Israel's largest financial company, GMT.
● GMT wants to create an international financial system, with advanced technology and values of transparency and low cost with Ripple.
● GMT now joins leading international companies in partnering with Ripple such as MoneyGram and American Express.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Cameroon's south region of Ambazonia has its own Cryptocurrency called AmbaCoin (AMBA).
● It is an ERC-20 token which has been launched by the separatist government in the region.
● There are in total 100,000,000 in supply with 20,000 AMBA already bought during pre-ICO.
● ICO begins on December 24th, with 1 AMBA selling for $0.25.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● The American president, Donald Trump has named Bitcoin supporter Mick Mulvaney as the acting Chief of Staff.
● Mulvaney spearheaded the Blockchain Caucus which helped in policy creation for Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency.
● Trump had appointed another Crypto enthusiast Elad Roisman as the SEC commissioner in September 2018.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Intel has worked on gaining a Bitcoin mining patent to help energy efficiency.
● It was awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
● It plans to reduce the circuit area and power consumption, through hardware accelerators and targetting the hashing process.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Bail Bloc, developed by The New Inquiry is directing Monero mining contributions to bail out illegal migrants in the US.
● Bail Bloc has tied up with the Immigrant Bail Fund to help about 44,000 detainees.
● The application allows users who download the software to mine XMR using spare computational power.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Tron's TRC20 exchange has led to a boost in transactions.
● The TRC20 exchange allows individuals to exchange tokens issued on the TRON platform.
● Justin Sun and his company have worked hard on Tron achieving a high number of Decentralized applications.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● The founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group (DCG), Barry Silbert explained that venture capital funding for Crypto going sour.
● The main reason cited is the Crypto bear markets.
● DCG is seen to hold major investments in Crypto giants such as Coinbase, Blockchain, Chainalysis, Coins and many more.
6.937 (191 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● American telecom giant, AT&T is working for a Blockchain patent for a social media history map.
● The patent was published by US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
● AT&T hopes to create and share information, ideas and careers through a virtual network.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Status, an Ethereum based chat platform is laying off 25% of its workforce.
● The main reason cited is the fall in the Cryptocurrency market.
● Status is a Swiss company founded in 2017 which utilizes Ethereum to be an open source chatting platform.
● Users can chat, transact and access decentralized applications through Status.
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