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Ron Paul's followers prefer Bitcoin

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Wrote by: amudotcom, 2 weeks ago
● A known congressman of USA and a former presidential candidate Ron Paul asked his Twitter followers to vote on the ideal 10-year investment.
● The options of the vote were Bitcoin, bonds, fiat currency and gold.
Bitcoin won the vote with 50% of the 80,000 followers voting in favour of it.

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Rate - added by amudotcom - 4 hours ago
● General manager of corporate payments at American Express (Amex) expressed that Ripple has ways of improving payments.
● Carlos Carriedo, who is the manager expressed Blockchain's need by explaining the investment of Fintech lab.
● Carriedo finds massive potential in Ripple technology.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 4 hours ago
● HTC's Exodus, which is the new Blockchain smartphone has chosen Brave as the official default browser.
● BAT which is the native Cryptocurrency of Brave helps both users and advertisers on Brave.
● Brave and HTC can benefit from this integration given HTC's sales for Exodus and Brave's user base.
7.132 (34 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 4 hours ago
● Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has piloted a Blockchain supply chain system with the help of IBM.
● The platform will track the quantity and financial value of bilateral transactions between involved parties.
● It could be the first application of Blockchain in oil and gas production according to ADNOC's Digital Unit manager.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 3 hours ago
● A customer of Bitcambio had a confusion in his withdrawal of BRL 500 when he received BRL 137 million.
● However, the customer named Kaique Nunes has to give all that cash back according to the notary office.
● The confusion has led to Nines having to agree however he can keep the money legally until it is in Civil court.
7.000 (29 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 3 hours ago
● Brian Armstrong, Co-Founder of Coinbase believes virtual reality (VR) could be a tool to expand virtual payment technologies.
● According to Armstrong VR will allow people to earn virtual money to spend in the real world.
● Armstrong believes developers of such virtual worlds can create their own centralized digital currency.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Cindicator has revealed South Korea to be very important in terms of Cryptocurrency adoption.
● South Korea has a thriving environment for Cryptocurrency with a great exchange infrastructure and technology.
● South Korea amounts to 30% of the Cryptocurrency trading worldwide.
8.015 (196 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Constantinople which is a proposed code change on Ethereum Blockchain will be on Block 7,080,000.
● Users can decide if they want to upgrade their software so the update can go live during the mining of the block.
● Hence Constantinople is expected between January 14th and 18th.
● It will streamline the platform's code, delay the difficulty bomb and reduce Ether mining reward from 3 to 2 ETH per block.
8.005 (212 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● South African Cryptocurrency trading platform, VALR has launched in partnership with Bittrex.
● VALR has promised to offer the largest selection of Cryptocurrencies in South Africa.
● The trading platform makes use of machine learning and AI to simplify the customer ID verification.
7.989 (184 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● KFC restaurants in Venezuela accepts Dash.
● It will initially be accepted at the KFC in Chacao Municipality, Caracas.
● KFC adds to the list of popular restaurants that accept Dash such as Subway and Papa John's Pizza.
7.083 (248 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● The CEO of Cardano Charles Hoskinson has announced the test net phase of 1.4 update of Cardano.
● It includes a solution to the database, with the storage becoming more efficient and the back end of the Daedalus wallet.
● Cardano is working towards its Blockchain system slow and steady but with constant updates.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Israeli tax collection agency is targetting Cryptocurrency investors and traders.
● The agency is catching people who do not report the gains made out of Cryptocurrency.
● The reported culprits are frequent travellers abroad and buyers of multiple real estate properties.
● These culprits don't provide sufficient documentation on how expenses have been met.
7.010 (155 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Bobby Lee, the Co-founder of BTCC has made a prediction that Bitcoin will fall to $2,500 by January 2019.
● He states the next bull run will be by December 2021 and will reach heights of $333,000.
● The basis of the prediction is according to historical data.
7.000 (156 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● A Delaware Blockchain company called CoinAlpha Advisors LLC has been charged $50,000 as a fine by the SEC.
● CoinAlpha was negligent about registering the business of investing and distributing Cryptocurrency.
● CoinAlpha had not accredited its investors.
6.980 (198 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● BeiShangGuang which are Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are concentrated on Blockchain policy in China.
● In total there are 32 Blockchain related policies in China.
● China prefers Blockchain while Cryptocurrency is banned.
6.966 (251 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Fremantle, Australia has started the trial of trading solar power on a Blockchain platform.
● The platform is powered by Crypto startup Power Ledger.
● Forty households will take part in the trial which will end by June 2019.
6.966 (247 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Coinbase will list 30 plus Cryptocurrencies soon on its platform.
● Coinbase Pro has already listed new Cryptocurrencies such as CVC, DND, LOOM and MANA. ● As of now, Coinbase is behind in terms of Cryptocurrencies available on the platform compared to other major exchanges.
6.931 (232 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Gemini has announced the support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) custody and trading.
● Bitcoin ABC will be traded under Bitcoin Cash.
● Bitcoin SV is currently being evaluated by Gemini and may or may not be added to its platform.
6.013 (152 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Justin Sun, The CEO of Tron is ready to provide funding to help Ethereum and EOS developers.
● The tweet raised a lot of controversial replies, as Tron has still to perform amongst its developments.
● Certain users on Twitter commended his expertise.
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