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Armin van Buuren - Blah Blah Blah (Brennan Heart & Toneshifterz Remix)

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Wrote by: piceto, 2 months ago
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 12 hours ago
● Ethereum's unique addresses have surpassed 50 million which is a monumental accomplishment.
● Ethereum's growth rate has slowed down with 70,000 new addresses per day in recent times.
● Back in January 2018, Ethereum was achieving 352,888 new addresses every day.
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● ICO's sold 416,000 ETH in the past 30 days.
● It is the highest amount since Summer of 2018.
● ETH dumping was the highest on 27th of March 2018 with 630,000 ETH sold due to EOS's sell-off.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 11 hours ago
● Bitmain's Initial Public Offering (IPO) is facing issues due to the Cryptocurrency bear markets.
● Blockchain and Crypto companies as a whole are having issues filing for Initial Public Offering.
● Canaan Creative's application for an IPO, for example, has failed.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 4 hours ago
● Blockchain is regarded to help in a technological boom for Iran according to an official from the country.
● The official claimed Blockchain has more advantages than disadvantages.
● The official was the head of management development department of the vice presidency for science and technology.
● His name is Aliterz Daliri.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 3 hours ago
● A little and unknown nation called Abkhazia has been housing plenty of Cryptocurrency mining operations.
● However, the power supply system is now struggling due to the mining facilities.
● Thus a legislation on Cryptocurrency mining is being drafted.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 12 hours ago
● Vlad Nistor, the CEO of Coinflux has been arrested due to money laundering accusations.
● CoinFlux is working to handling fiat returns to clients with the help of MisterTango.
● CoinFlux's platform is inaccessible due to legalities.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 12 hours ago
● The Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF) announced a Legal Framework for Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain in Switzerland.
● The SIF is working towards further laws for Blockchain technology.
● Blockchain's regulation is being considered when new laws are being implemented by the SIF.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Tron has launched a TRX Market.
● TRX Market is the world's first decentralized exchange based on the Tron network.
● It has already listed three trading pairs - BET/TRX, FUN/TRX, and GOC/TRX.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Waves Blockchain is now adding smart assets and smart account trading.
● Waves is supporting 6,000 transactions per minute which is 100 per second.
● The Cryptocurrency entered the top 20 coins by market capitalization but has since fallen to 22nd position.
● The market capitalisation is $245 million, which is the highest since July 2018.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Venezuelan pensioners are reportedly in an issue of getting their Bolivar's from their accounts to the Cryptocurrency, the Petro.
● The Petro, however, is reported to be unspendable at banks.
● There is a complex process of converting the Petro to Bolivar which is difficult for pensioners.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● DDEX has decided to fork the 0x protocol and remove ZRX to create Hydro.
● The plan is to ship a new order, true matching, and robust market orders model.
● The ZRX token will be removed too.
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