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Saturday, 3rd Nov
8.02 (1181 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Cryptocurrency markets continue to drop both in value and volume.
● The world's largest crypto exchange, Binance fell 44% from September to October.
● The second and third largest exchanges OKEx and Huobi reported falling 47%.
● The Bibox exchange one of two exchanges holding a steady level of volume despite major volume drop by other exchanges.
7.90 (160 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Venezuela decreed, the Government “shall promote and guarantee the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of Payment”
● After delays, the Petro will be accepted as a national currency for the country of Venezuela.
● The Supreme Court of Venezuela became the final government branch to declare cryptocurrencies and their adoption a national priority.
7.11 (165 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Coinbase Pro will allow clients to deposit the ERC20 token BAT, and once liquidity is established trading of BAT/USD Coin (USDC) will begin.
● BAT token will be accessible to everyone except to people in the state of New York as regulations are very strict there.
● Coinbase had revealed listing Steller Lumens (XLM), Cardano (ADA), ZCash (ZEC) and Basic Attention Token (BAT) a few months ago.
● With BAT already listed you can expect XLM, ADA and ZEC to follow soon.
7.07 (149 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between IOTA and HIGH Mobility.
● HIGH MOBILITY is an award-winning API platform that focuses on digital developer tools for connected cars.
● HIGH MOBILITY will use IOTA’s content, blueprints and tutorials to help car manufacturers sync up well with app developers.
7.07 (150 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Ledger Nano S, the popular bitcoin hardware wallet has to suspend supporting Bitcoin Cash until the decision has been made as to which chain is stable.
● The conflicts caused between the two Bitcoin Cash development teams has given rise to the Bitcoin cash Hard fork.
● The hard fork will occur on 15th of November at 4:40 PM, which will result in one dominant cash chain that the ledger will resume supporting.
● Bitcoin cash service will be suspended all the while to prevent unwanted transactions which can result in loss of cash.
● If you wish to transact during this time, you can still use a third party wallet supporting Ledger devices, such as Electron Cash, at your own risk.
7.03 (162 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Dash Text allows users without smartphones to pay and receive Dash.
● Dash is becoming the Venezuelan’s favorite coin, however, there is no Dash node running in Venezuela.
● Cryptocurrency is seen to be rising in popularity due to the inflation costs increasing.
● Users can create a Dash wallet by typing ‘Dash’ and sending to 22625, and then type ‘Crear’ which in Spanish means ‘Create’ to create a Dash wallet.
7.02 (158 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Bitcoin Cash increased from $425 to $450 in a matter of minutes after 12:45 UTC, and even increased to $470.
● The main reason for the 10% jump was Binance and announcing that it will support the Bitcoin Cash version developed by Bitcoin ABC.
● Bitcoin Cash is rumored to split on November 15th due to community differences between Bitcoin ABC and Craig Wright’s nChain
7.01 (155 users)
- added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Ukraine’s government has officially confirmed plans of legalizing cryptocurrency in the country through its regulatory framework.
● Regulations include governing of the local cryptocurrency exchange market and KYC/AML systems to improve monitoring.
● The Ukranian government has plans of involving itself in the cryptocurrency mining industry, smart contract development, and taxation by 2020.
6.98 (178 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s 11-year crypto-savvy son, mines Ethereum using a computer that his dad built.
● Pichai made the amusing revelation at the New York Times DealBook conference while discussing tech addiction and the importance of limiting screen time for children.
● Pichai said his son understands a lot more about virtual currencies than he does about paper money, so he had to explain how money works in real life.
6.96 (158 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● OKEx has recently been named "Crypto Exchange of the Year" at Malta's blockchain conference for contributing to the country's blockchain scene.
● It was awarded the prize after beating finalists Binance and BitBay.
● The cryptocurrency exchange OKEx was founded in 2017 and has over 400 tokens listed on its platform, also offering its users futures trading options.
show more (3)
6.94 (167 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● India’s cryptocurrency exchanges face another 50 days of uncertainty with the Modi government drafting regulations for this sector.
● During which time, WazirX Founder Nischal Shetty has started a new Twitter campaign to get the attention of policymakers towards the crypto market.
● The tweet was Addressed to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Prime minister Narendra Modi, asking them to set positive regulations for the citizens of India to participate in the powerful force of Crypto Space.
● In the second tweet, he requested everyone to retweet the first tweet till it reaches the government officials.
6.90 (178 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum announced at the Devcon4 in Prague, Czech Republic that Ethereum 2.0 upgrade will be called Serenity.
● Serenity is expected to change the network’s consensus mechanism from proof of work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS).
● Another feature added in Serenity will be Sharding which can be explained as the splitting of the main Blockchain into smaller, more distinct parts called shards.
● Serenity is said to increase the scalability of Ethereum by a thousand times, with finality for each block expected in little as ten to twenty minutes.
6.81 (145 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● The U. S. rapper T.I., also known as T.I.P., Ryan Felton, and his business partner, launched a cryptocurrency token called FLiK.
● The prices of the token plunged due to a noticeable ‘pump and dump’ and the famous rapper is now being sued for $5 million USD due to securities fraud.
● T.I. had apparently given FLiK tokens to members of his family and friends who sold massive amounts on causing a heavy devaluation
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Friday, 2nd Nov
8.06 (171 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Cryptokitties is planning to develop the game further thanks to funding worth $15 million.
● Investors include Google Ventures, SamsungNEXT , Andreessen Horowitz, William Morris Endeavor and aXiumatic.
● Dapper Labs, the developers of Cryptokitties had secured $12 million a few months ago from a16z and Union Square Ventures.
7.99 (202 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● The Malta Blockchain Summit which is a two-day event has drawn more than 5,000 delegates, 100’s of investors, 100 speakers, and 300 sponsors.
● The Conference is set to be very important in setting certain decisions for the year 2019 with debates about the legalization of the cryptocurrency industry around the world.
● All eyes are on John McAfee as he will be speaking at the event. McAfee is popularly known to have founded McAfee Antivirus and a well-known cryptocurrency influencer.
7.97 (184 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● New KPMG report on blockchain investments suggests a surge in 2018.
● First six months of 2018 saw more capital investment than all of 2017 into the blockchain sector.
● Blockchain investors steering away from initial coin offerings, investing in equity-based deals instead.
● Dominant market players seeing larger investments instead of many small cap projects receiving funding.
7.93 (205 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● In September 2012 Winklevoss twins gave $250,000 to Mr. Shrem who were supposed to buy BTC for them.
● He gave them Bitcoins worth only $189,000.
● 5,000 missing Bitcoins became the reason of tension between Winklevoss and Shrem.
● "When he purchased $4 million in real estate, two Maseratis, and two power boats, we decided it was time to get to the bottom of it".
7.81 (162 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Bancor to bring cryptocurrency into emerging markets, with project launching within Kenya’s POA Network.
● Emerging markets may be the best use case for cryptocurrencies.
● The Kenyan based project aims to deploy a solution to bridge the gap between the many hyper-localized currencies in the Kenya market.
show more (15)
7.13 (178 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● IOTA to be integrated into Ledger’s Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet.
● It will help IOTA users protect their private keys by giving access to IOTA tokens in a state of the art secure chip.
● The Ledger hardware wallet integrates with IOTA Trinity and Romeo Wallets.
7.12 (162 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● HSBC, Standard Chartered and ten banks have developed a blockchain based trade finance platform which will be called eTrade Connect.
● The eTrade Connect is facilitated by Hong Kong’s Central Bank which is the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA).
● The platform will make finances related to international trading more efficient.
● HSBC has already witnessed the approval of loan applications being reduced to four hours as compared to one and a half days thanks to Blockchain technology.
7.10 (190 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● The word Blockchain has been searched more than cryptocurrency on popular search engine Google.
● However, Bitcoin is even ten times more popular than Blockchain or Cryptocurrency.
● Between the months, August 2017 to August 2018, Bitcoin was surprisingly even more searched for than celebrity Taylor Swift and the Stock Market.
● In December 2017, when Bitcoin was near $20,000 it was searched 25% more than the American president Donald Trump.
7.09 (148 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● The Largest Anonymous Bitcoin Transaction Occurred on the 10th Anniversary of the idea of the Bitcoin Protocol.
● The Anonymous Transaction was worth over $200,000.
● A method called CoinJoin was used, where it anonymizes Bitcoins by two users transacting together.
● The Coinjoin, in this case, involved many participants, with 14.8 BTC moved to a Bitcoin Address.
● It was Initiated by Adam Ficsor, a developer of Wasabi Wallet who used Twitter to announce it.
7.09 (174 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Siemens, a large industrial manufacturer has committed to investing $681 million into a blockchain research center.
● Plans to establish a new city through this investment called Siemensstadt (Siemens City).
● The team expects the project to become a central location within the technology sector for new startups and innovation to flourish.
7.07 (155 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Reggie Brown who is known to be the godfather of ETF’s commented that Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds will not be approved anytime soon.
● According to him, BTC ETF will be approved only when a strong regulatory framework is developed for the Bitcoin industry.
● Browne is recognizable for helping Knight Capital become one of the largest ETF trading firms in the world.
● Currently, Browne is the head of ETF trading at Cantor Fitzgerald.
7.07 (173 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● New service, Lite.IM launches to enable Facebook Messenger users to send and receive Litecoin.
● The messenger app transfer service was created by a firm focusing on generating payment solutions for cryptocurrency known as the Zulu Republic.
● Now Lite.IM will be able to reach over 2 billion potential users via the Facebook platform.
7.05 (122 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● ASB, a New Zealand bank settled a meat export deal from New Zealand to South Korea using Blockchain.
● ASB claims to carry out the first ever Blockchain powered trade in New Zealand’s export history.
● The deal was between Greenlea Premier Meats and a South Korean Importer.
● The traditional trading software takes two to four days, however, in the Blockchain based trade deal carried out it only took an hour.
7.04 (101 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● New Zealand government’s grant of NZ $315,000 to a Bitcoin startup called Vimba was heavily criticized by tech executives.
● These tech executives believed there were startups that better deserved the grant than a Bitcoin startup.
● Another objection was Vimba was looking to expanding to other countries, and not help New Zealand’s economy in any such way in terms of jobs and taxes.
● The Bitcoin startup hopes to use the grant to enable scalability by improving its software.
7.03 (170 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● DeVere Group creates deVere Digital Asset Funds to help people invest in cryptocurrency.
● It will take the help of Dalma Capital Management which is a Dubai based hedge fund.
● DeVere hopes to help its investors in situations of volatility in cryptocurrency.
● It will use methods such as algorithmic trading and over the counter markets to seize opportunities.
7.01 (179 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Tether announced the partnership with Bahamas based bank, Deltec Bank & Trust.
● Intensive due diligence preceded the signing of the contract.
● According to Deltec Bank & Trust document, more than $1.8 billion are stored in the bank.
7.00 (182 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Azerbaijan, a Eurasian country plans to make use of Blockchain technology and smart contracts to improve the legal system and housing sector.
● Smart contracts will help increase transparency and reduce falsifications in the country.
● Azerbaijan’s central bank and IBM will work together to use Blockchain to help transform the country digitally.
6.99 (179 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Binance Uganda, which is Binance’s first fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange signed up more than 40,000 users in the first week.
● The feedback proves that the unbanked Ugandans which add up to 74% of Ugandans population prefer cryptocurrency.
● Currently, Binance Uganda only offers Bitcoin and Ethereum.
6.98 (91 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● The Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) released a draft on details of taxes on cryptocurrency on October 30th, 2018.
● Brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges have to share reports on a monthly basis to the RFB.
● Individuals and entities have to report crypto related transactions of more than 10,000 Brazilian Reals carried out at foreign cryptocurrency exchanges if it is.
● If transactions are not reported, citizens will have to pay a fine of up to 1,500 Brazilian Reals.
● If information of a transaction is insufficient or false, there is a fine of 3% of the actual transaction value.
6.98 (171 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Certain business entities in Amsterdam have been threatened by an email demanding for 50,000 EUR in Bitcoin or they will be attacked.
● According to the email, the business owners have five days time to make the payment, or else the amount will double.
● If a payment is not done after the next 5 days of 100,000 Euros, there is a threat of the business owner being shot or a grenade being blasted.
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Thursday, 1st Nov
7.08 (172 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Nasdaq Financial Framework is about to use Azure’s Blockchain Platform.
● In June Nasdaq trialed a Blockchain platform to handle margin calls.
● R3 consortium Blockchain Network which stands behind Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain already has partnerships with BitPay, Emercoin, LibraTax, and Manifold.
7.04 (189 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● BlackRock investment bank will avoid Bitcoin ETF.
● The world doesn’t need a store of wealth unless you need that store of wealth for things you should not be doing,” BlackRock CEO says.
● On the other side J.P. Morgan Chase, IBM, Facebook invests in blockchain based solutions.
7.04 (182 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Hayes predicts trading volume to decrease in the upcoming months and compares the current situation to 2014-2015 plateau.
● Bitmex volumes reach around $1 billion daily.
● The biggest derivative exchange is financially stable and continues expansion.
7.03 (156 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Investment funds based in Hong Kong needs to poses type 1 SFC license.
● Licensed fund managers must inform the SFC about investments in ICO's.
● Only fund managers investing over 10% of their portfolio are required to obtain a license.
7.00 (179 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Coinsource is the 12th company to receive a BitLicense.
● Coinsource is a bitcoin ATM provider with over 40 machines ready to be launched in New York.
● The application to obtain a license had been submitted in 2015.
● Coinsource is present in 19 states with over 200 machines.
show more (5)
6.99 (167 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Twitter user @KingBlue_XRP raised over 21,000 XRP in the donation.
● Donation started at the end of June 2018
● Most of the cryptocurrency was deposited directly with the small participation of XRP Tip Bot and Coil.
● St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is famous for being free for patients. Its mission is to prevent cure serious diseases affecting children.
6.97 (562 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Morgan Stanley released updated cryptocurrency report.
● The investment bank sees decentralized technology as a positive trend.
● Morgan Stanley admits that there is a demand from their customers to invest in cryptocurrencies.
6.94 (171 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● Vambi, New Zealand startup, received $315,000 investment from the government.
● Vambi, previously called MyCryptoSaver, is a small crypto exchange serving New Zealanders.
● Vimba CEO Sam Blackmore says the investment will be spent to add new features to the existing platform.
6.93 (189 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● The rebranded version of BTC-E, WEX, is probably moving users funds to exit scam.
● Records indicate that Dmitry Vasiliev is in charge of the exchange but he denies.
● CZ, CEO of Binance, is willing to work with law enforcement to resolve the issue.
6.05 (145 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
● During the Canada Fintech Forum Janet Yellen stated that she is not a fan of Bitcoin.
● A day later founder of Biterica, Raz Suprovici using his platform gifted her with $20 in crypto currency.
● Yellen said that she is aware of the gift but it doesn't change her mind in term of BTC.
Wednesday, 31st Oct
6.89 (171 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
6.10 (156 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
show more (3)
6.03 (169 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 1 week ago
Tuesday, 30th Oct
6.97 (159 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 2 weeks ago
● Coincheck had suspended some services after January 2018 hacking.
● The cryptocurrencies available for deposit are BTC, BCH, ETC, and LTC.
● New account openings are available only for customers living in Japan.
6.96 (146 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 2 weeks ago
● CoinTicker displays information about different cryptocurrencies price in the menu bar.
● Once launched the app installs two backdoors EvilOSX and EggShell.
● Its unknown what is the goal for hacker for installing that malware but most probably the aim is to gain access to users crypto wallets.
6.10 (161 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 2 weeks ago
● PwC hired more than 400 employees to guide their customers in terms of cryptocurrencies and blockchain regulations around the world.
● Among "Big Four" PwC wants to lead the blockchain revolution - says one of the company executives, Ralph Weinberger.
6.00 (125 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 2 weeks ago
● SC Johnson and Plastic Bank are fighting together to reduce the global crisis of ocean plastic.
● China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand account for more than 55% of the plastic waste leaking into the ocean.
● There are 8 recycling centers planned to be opened until May 2019 with the first already operating in Bali.
● Local waste collectors will be paid in cryptocurrencies which they can later spend on products and service.
5.98 (146 users)
Rate - added by simon186 - 2 weeks ago
● eToro is the first platform to offer FIAT trading pair for BNB.
● CZ, Binance CEO is happy that his coin will reach millions of users around the world.
● At the moment, eToro offers 13 crypto assets for investors.
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