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First cryptocurrency exchange to officially open in Dubai

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Wrote by: simon186, 1 week ago
● Dubai to get official cryptocurrency exchange.
● The exchange, called Crypto Bulls Exchange, hopes to help propel the UAE as a Crypto haven in the world.
● UAE has also been developing a government-backed digital cash system called EmCash.
State Approved Exchange

The United Arab Emirates will get its first officially registered exchange with the launch of “Crypto Bulls Exchange” soon. In a press release today, the exchange announced it will be developed through Crypto Bulls, Gold Gulf Coin (GGC), and the Al Zarooni Foundation. Crypto Bulls, an existing exchange, will now be able to serve the upscale markets available in the UAE. This move has been welcomed by the government in the UAE as it works towards securing its place as a blockchain thought leader and headquarters of the world. Chairman of the Al Zarooni Foundation, Suhail Al Zaroon, stated, “This will be the milestone for getting global investments opportunity from all over the Globe in UAE, as all financial techs and investors are looking forward in Crypto & Block chain Industry.” This underlies the overall priority the UAE nation has to cater to the emerging cryptocurrency sector.

BitOasis, became the first bitcoin exchange to open in the Emirates back in 2015. The firm was able to secure banking relations with local partners to deposit dirhams (AED) safely into a business bank account. Further, BitOasis took this a step further as it secured a local payment processor which has been able to process AED transactions for customers to purchase bitcoin in the UAE.

UAE Aims to be Cryptocurrency Headquarters

The UAE continues to work towards becoming an appealing market for crypto companies. The nation believes this new technology will be the future. Thus, they want to nurture the new technology with proper regulations and strategic partnerships with businesses. The country launched an initiative called “Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021” as a move to promote and capitalize on the emerging technology. The government also set an exciting benchmark with this initiative to have at least 50% of all government transactions on the blockchain by 2021.

Finally, with the creation of the first regulated exchange in the country, citizens will soon be able to actively trade the UAE’s state currency known as the AED. This is mostly credited to the state-backing of the Crypto Bulls exchange. It also ties nicely into an exciting initiative from the UAE government known as Emcash, a state-backed digital cash system. The EmCash program will become the first state-backed digital currency and further propel the UAE as a thought leader in the emerging technology sector of cryptocurrency.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 12 hours ago
● Binance will be suspending certain services for 8 hours as it will be upgrading the platform starting at 14th November 2018 at 2:00 AM UTC.
● Deposits, withdrawals and trading will be paused during these 8 hours.
● Binance cautioned users that the temporary suspension could last for more than 8 hours depending on the upgrade.

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Rate - added by amudotcom - 9 hours ago
● Power Ledger a Blockchain based company which is aiming to create a peer to peer network of affordable electricity recently won the Sir Richard Branson's Extreme Tech Challenge.
● As they won the award, the popular entrepreneur Richard Branson will work alongside the Australian Blockchain company.
● Power Ledger is already working with the Thai government for peer to peer trading.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 10 hours ago
● Bitmain's reshuffle of its board has resulting in Jihan Wu, the co-founder of Bitmain no longer having any influence on the company's decision.
● Jihan Wu is now a supervisor and not a director and so he is unable to vote on important board decisions.
● Bitmain is undergoing changes due to it's much awaited Initial Public Offering (IPO).

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Rate - added by amudotcom - 12 hours ago
● Ethereum 2.0 is underway with the deployment of Beacon Chain which will be completed by the end of 2018.
● Ethereum will be made possible by 4 different levels of chains which are Proof-of-Work Main Chain, Beacon Chain, Shard Chain and Virtual Machine Chain.
● Proof-of-Work already exists as the main blockchain while the remaining two chains will be developed after Beacon Chain is deployed successfully.

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Rate - added by amudotcom - 4 hours ago
● Bitstraq, a new Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform has successfully obtained the Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) license in Malta.
● Bitstraq started offering major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin with many more digital coins to follow.
● Bitsraq exchange will enable the trading of Utility Tokens, Coins and Security Tokens.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 11 hours ago
● The MOU for Ripple's technology to be used was signed between Japanese MUFG Bank and Brazil-based Banco Bradesco.
● Ripple's technology will be used to make transactions cheaper and faster between Japan and Brazil.
● Ripple is noted to take only a matter of seconds for cross border transactions as compared to the days taken by SWIFT.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 5 hours ago
● Venezuelans are showing a lot of interest in Bitcoin by their high participation levels in LocalBitcoins.
● LocalBitcoins is an over-the-counter cryptocurrency exchange where buyers and sellers of Bitcoin connect with one another specifying their requirements.
● Venezuelans find Bitcoin safer to hold than their local fiat currency the Venezuelan Bolivar which is devaluing in value every minute.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 8 hours ago
● BitMEX's CEO Arthur Hayes has been under the scanner for his firm conducting insider trading.
● Arthur Hayes has denied all accusations and stated that the platform offers uniform access to all customers with no insider trading taking place.
● One such accusation which was denied was the preferential treatment to certain traders right after points of service pauses.

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Rate - added by amudotcom - 4 hours ago
● The chairman of Cardano Foundation, Michael Parsons has stepped down.
● Community heads of Cardano demanded Parsons to step down due to poor leadership and allegedly failing to replace departed members in the hope of monopolizing power.
● Pascal Schmid has taken over as the new Chairman of Cardano Foundation.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 9 hours ago
● Power Ledger a Blockchain based company which is aiming to create a peer to peer network of affordable electricity recently won the Sir Richard Branson's Extreme Tech Challenge.
● As they won the award, the popular entrepreneur Richard Branson will work alongside the Australian Blockchain company.
● Power Ledger is already working with the Thai government for peer to peer trading.

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Rate - added by amudotcom - 9 hours ago
● Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple Labs is confident that Ripple might overtake SWIFT in the cross-border payment industry.
● SWIFT is currently the most used network, but thanks to Ripple's speed and cheap rates for cross-border payments it has a chance of being number one.
● Garlinghouse commented that SWIFT has not kept up with the evolution of the market and so is outdated.
6.93 (103 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 15 hours ago
● Trading Bytecoin on popular cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex requires 2,000 confirmations apparently due to reasons of 'network instability.'
● According to calculations, a Bytecoin confirmation on Poloniex could take 84 hours.
● Bytecoin is the first implementation of the CryptoNight/CryptoNote protocol and has had forks such as the known privacy coin Monero.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 14 hours ago
● Renowned Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke was marketing an Australian ICO called Global Tech Exchange.
● Global Tech Exchange failed mainly due to attention being brought onto them due to Clark'es promotional tweet leading to ASIC digging deep into it.
● Global Tech has stopped all marketing activities and returned funds due to ASIC's pressure.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 13 hours ago
● A father and son duo named Syed Fareed and Syed Afaq Ahmed have used cryptocurrency to lure investors into a trap.
● The company used a front face as an investment company of Halal businesses and investments when in reality they used it for crypto-related investments.
● The crypto investments initially made a profit and paid back returns however as the Indian government declared cryptocurrency as an 'illegal tender' it got caught in its web of lies.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 8 hours ago
● North Korea has been reported to take part in several cryptocurrency exchange hacks along with government conducted ICO projects which have been fraudulent.
● The reports are from a cybersecurity firm called Inksit Group.
● According to the reports, the North Korean government has funded it's regime through these malpractices.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● There are 600% more Bitcoin Cash ABC nodes than Bitcoin SV according to Coin.Dance.
● Bitpay, Binance and Coinbase's support for Bitcoin Cash ABC is what has set it apart.
● Bitcoin Cash SV has mining pool giant, Coingeek supporting it.
● Bitcoin Unlimited, the supporter of the status quo of Bitcoin Cash currently has 800 nodes running.

8.08 (204 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● KPMG to help in the development of distributed ledger technology standards in transportation by partnering up with Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA).
● As of now challenges are being faced mostly in shipping practices, complex processes in smart warehouses and business models.
● KPMG will use their experience in advisory, audit and tax to help establish industry standards for Blockchain's use in transportation.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● The remaining three cryptocurrencies to be added on Coinbase which are Cardano, (ADA), Stellar (XLM) and Zcash (ZEC) have surged thanks to the Coinbase effect.
● The Coinbase effect was seen when both Basic Attention Token (BAT) and 0x (ZRX) doubled in value following their official listing on Coinbase.
● However historical trends for BAT and 0x suggest a plunge in value of ADA, XLM, and ZEC once listed on Coinbase.
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Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● SEBA Crypto AG, the Swiss Crypto Bank Startup may become . prospective bank by 2019.
● The banking and securities dealer license is expected to be gained by first half of 2019 from the Swiss financial market regulator FINMA.
● Further capital is expected to be raised through an Initial Coin Offerng (ICO).
7.94 (199 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Tron's (TRX) transaction volumes this month has surpassed the trading volumes of Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP_ combined.
● TRX observed 1.3 million transactions in a 14-day transaction history as compared to BTC, BCH, ETH and XRP adding up to 1 million less.
● The increase in transactions of TRX according to experts is because of the gambling and video game dApps such as Magic Academy and TronDice.
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Your rate: 8 - added by simon186 - 1 day ago
● Upbit crypto exchange is promoting its services in Thai and Indonesian languages.
● Upbit which is affiliated with Bittrex, starts its global expansion from Southeast Asia.
● At the moment the exchange is facing difficulties in gaining new customers, mainly because of uncertain regulations in South Korea.
7.03 (212 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● A Bitcoin mining farm is inside Lefdal mine in Norway.
● It is said to be the most efficient Bitcoin mine in the world, as it costs US$ 2,700 to mine 1 Bitcoin compared to the average of US$ 7,700 in Norway.
● The location of the mine helps it keep cold with ample hydroelectric power and windpower generated.

7.03 (210 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Stellar (XLM) beat EOS by market capitalisation to become the fifth largest Cryptocurrency.
● XLM increased by 12% this week, and was one of the few cryptocurrencies who had a great week.
● A primary reason for XLM's pump is the Coinbase listing rumour.
● Stellar also announced a record breaking airdrop worth $125 million with wallet.

7.02 (235 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● DMG Blockchain Solutions have started mining cryptocurrency at the largest cryptocurrency mines in North America.
● The cryptocurrency mine is in a 27,000 square foot building in British Columbia, Canada with 60 MW of power.
● It will run off the grid on hydroelectric energy.
● According to calculations it will mine 50-70 Bitcoins per day provided it uses the latest mining technology of Bitmain which is 7nm chips.

7.02 (180 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Accenture has partnered with Digital assets to deploy a distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform to manage and track software licenses.
● The platform helps track software licenses from the source of origination to the purchase from a client.
● Software license rules violation will be cut down thanks to the transparent characteristic of Blockchain.
6.98 (248 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Swiss cryptocurrency firm X8 AG obtained an Islamic Finance certification to enable listing of a Shariah compliant stablecoin.
● As of now the stablecoin which will be listed is not revealed, all that is known is its backed by a basket of eight fiat currencies and gold.
● Earlier in the year, a Muslim scholar confirmed that Bitcoin met the Islamic Sharia law.

6.09 (160 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Filament, a provider of enterprise Blockchain solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) announced Blocklet for Trusted Vehicle Applications (TVA).
● TVA will allow vehicles to participate in Blockchain through an end-to-end automotive Blockchain platform.
● Transport companies can use this platform to create large-scale vehicle services and smart contract applications on a trusted Blockchain.
6.01 (245 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Japanese IT giant GMO Internet has revealed major gains in profitability thanks to it’s cryptocurrency businesses.
● These businesses include cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturing and it’s crypto exchange - GMO Coin.
● It has gained a total of 2.6 billion yen which is equivalent to $22.8 million in the third quarter of 2018.
6.00 (251 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● AuromCoin's website stated that all it's native coins, AU are missing from Cryptopia's wallet due to Cryptopia's exchange suffering a 51% attack.
● A total of 15,752,26 AU has apparently gone missing from Cryptopia wallets.
● However Cryptopia has not confirmed the hack.

6.00 (156 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Sompo a Japanese insurance company will use BitPesa's technology to help the insurance field.
● The Japanese insurance company will be able to lower the costs and time taken for the global transfer of value.
● Bitpesa's reach of developing countries will help Sompo increase their overall customer base as a result.
5.96 (241 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been very clear against the Marshall Islands launching a cryptocurrency of its own.
The reasons cited by the IMF in September include money laundering, financial integrity and macroeconomic risks.
The Marshall Islands may listen to IMF's warning as it depends highly on aids from foreign economies.

5.06 (174 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Vanessa Pestritto, a Xspring team member who oversees how Ripple can work with other Blockchain companies was recognized as a rising star in venture by Forbes.
● Her experiences include her own fund Lattice Ventures along with working as an executive director for the New York Angels before joining Ripple.
● Pestritto is based in New York City. She studied economics and international business at NYU Stern School of Business and had worked extensively in technology consulting.

5.01 (220 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● Cryptocurrency investors who withdraw $1 million from Bitfinex into fiat will incur a 3% fee, which will result in $30,000 in fees.
● The announcement is due to the many complains of delays in fiat withdrawals.
● Bitfinex is known to be popular for fiat withdrawals with more than $1 billion processed in fiat withdrawals during the month of October.

4.96 (162 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● The US CFTC has fined $1.1 million and sentenced 15 months to a man named Joseph Kim for a Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin(LTC) related fraud.
● Joseph Kim defrauded his own employer which was a trading firm in Chicago of $601,000 worth of BTC and LTC.
● He transferred the amount to his own accounts in 2017 claiming that he did it due to security issues.
● Later on, he defrauded investors of $545,000 by stating he started his own trading company.
3.86 (190 users)
Rate - added by amudotcom - 1 day ago
● William Shatner, the actor who played the iconic Captain Kirk on Star Trek gave a thumbs up to Vitalik Buterin's tweet on November 8th.
● He was seen supporting Buterin when a cryptocurrency user was criticizing Buterin as a scammer on Twitter.
● Shatner is 87 years old, and Twitter is appreciating his willingness to learn more about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.
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